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Coach Education Workshops

Ulster Hockey are running two Coach Education Workshops,  “What is talent?” and “Effective Coach Communication” over the coming weeks.

Effective coaches are always looking at ways in which they can improve.  These workshops are a great opportunity to help you:

  • Enhance your skills and techniques.
  • Exchange ideas and learn from other coaches.
  • Learn from subject specialists who will help you fulfil your potential as a coach.
  • Pick up vital new knowledge that will improve your athletes’/team’s performance

Effective Coach Communication
This workshop will help coaches consider a number of key elements of effective communication which are critically important to achieving high quality coaching and some important considerations for coach communication. The workshop is classroom based, but uses a number of interactive tasks to investigate coach communication skills, considerations and contexts.

  • Appreciate the importance and impact of effective communication in the coaching environment.
  • Identify and explore key methods of coaching communication, prevalence and impact.
  • Explore and consider contexts in which coach communication takes place.
  • Analyse and reflect on coaches own communication habits and consider strategies for enhancing communication.

The cost of the course is £10 

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What is talent?
This workshop will explore the definition, understanding and research associated with talent in sport, discussing the implications for them and their athletes/players.  

  • Explore the concept of talent versus ability.
  • Explore the nature versus nurture debate.
  • Explore the key components of talent development.
  • Explore some aspects of the complex interrelationships between athlete, coach, environment and training.
  • Share current research regarding giftedness and talent, and the challenges to apply it to their own contexts.

The cost of the course is £10 

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