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Ulster U16 Boys Squad Announced

The Ulster U16 Boys squads has been announced ahead of upcoming matches against Scotland and Wales later this month. 

The U16 Boys will face Scotland (15th - 17th June) and Wales (22nd - 24th June) with all matches played at the Ulster University, Jordanstown campus. 

Congratulations to all the players selected for the upcoming matches!!

Ulster U16 Squad - Scotland Series

Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 
Charlie Acheson Charlie Acheson Charlie Acheson 
Max Anderson Max Anderson Max Anderson 
Jamie Anderson Jamie Anderson Jamie Anderson 
Matthew Aughey Matthew Aughey Sam Anderson 
Blake Boal (GK) Blake Boal (GK) Matthew Aughey (C) 
Mackenzie Connor Jedd Campbell Blake Boal (GK) 
Ewan Cruickshanks James Clark Jedd Campbell 
Christopher Curry Ewan Cruickshanks Mackenzie Connor 
Harrison Dunlop (GK) Harrison Dunlop (GK) Ewan Cruickshanks 
Kent Irwin Cody Large Christopher Curry 
Cody Large Jamie Livingstone Harrison Dunlop (GK) 
Jamie Livingstone Daniel McElhinney Cody Large 
Jamie Lyall Matthew McKibbin Jamie Livingstone 
Conor Matthews Patrick Rose (C) Jamie Lyall 
Daniel McElhinney Eddie Rowe  Patrick Rose 
Patrick Rose Charlie Rowe Eddie Rowe 
Eddie Rowe (C) Louis Rowe Charlie Rowe 
Patrick Watson Patrick Watson Louis Rowe 

Match Times v Scotland:
Friday 15th June @ 7.00pm
Saturday 16th June @ 12.00pm
Sunday 17th June @ 10.00am

Ulster U16 Squad - Wales Series

Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 
Jamie Anderson Sam Anderson Sam Anderson 
Sam Anderson Jedd Campbell Jedd Campbell 
Jedd Campbell James Clark James Clark 
James Clark Mackenzie Connor Mackenzie Connor 
Mackenzie Connor Christopher Curry Christopher Curry 
Christopher Curry Ethan Greaves (GK) Ethan Greaves (GK) 
Ethan Greaves (GK) Kent Irwin Kent Irwin 
Kent Irwin Cody Large Cody Large 
Cody Large (C) Jamie Livingstone Jamie Livingstone (C) 
Jamie Livingstone Jamie Lyall Jamie Lyall 
Jamie Lyall Conor Matthews Conor Matthews 
Conor Matthews Daniel McElhinney Daniel McElhinney 
Daniel McElhinney Matthew McKibbin Matthew McKibbin 
Matthew McKibbin Charlie Rowe Charlie Rowe 
Charlie Rowe Eddie Rowe (C) Eddie Rowe 
Louis Rowe Louis Rowe Louis Rowe 
Conor Slack (GK) Conor Slack (GK) Conor Slack (GK) 
Paddy Watson Paddy Watson Paddy Watson 

Manager: Hannah Walker

Match Times v Wales:
Friday 22nd June @ 6.00pm
Saturday 23rd June @ 12.00pm
Sunday 24th June @ 10.00am

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